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About Us

Meet the designers.

Me, Jennifer, is the main designer, photographer, and personality :) and attendant for all shows.  A small little idea of creating a bracelet turned into many different items during the pandemic.  I was hooked.  I wanted more, what was I going to do with all that I was making?  Then dreams became a reality, and a small business was born.

Brian (my hubby) is the "jenga" master when it comes to packing the car, helping set up, tear down and unloading of the car. He has also taken to going through the stash, finding what he likes and putting them together to see what he can create as well.  You might just find your next piece was designed by him.  He even shows up at some of the events depending on his schedule.  

Together we work to come up with all the ideas you have seen throughout this website. We are consistently bouncing ideas against each other on what should be the next creation.  You just never know what we will come up with next.

Brian and Jennifer

The name J3 Jazzy Jewels came about to incorporate our 3 dogs.  All dogs are rescues and truly the highlight of our days.  

Jordy - 14 years old, is the oldest of the bunch.  He is a Papillion Shelty mix and at his age still has a lot of energy and keeps up with the others. Unfortunately, Jordy passed on 3/31/2023 of cirrhosis of the liver; he will live in our hearts.

Jessie - 9 years old, is a Lab Spaniel mix.  She is currently an unemployed Therapy dog due to COVID. She is the most relaxed people friendly dog and just wants to be in the crowd.

Jace - 4 years old, Rat Terrier Bishun Friese mix.  We adopted Jace to be a companion to Jordy as a playmate.  Well, the best laid plans do not always work out the way we think.  Jace definitely gives Jessie a run for her money.

Since all the names of the dogs start with the letter J - that is where the J3 part of the name came from.

J3 Dogs